Novità Editoriali

In questa Sezione vengono segnalate le novità editoriali ordinabili, per il personale interno, con gli appositi moduli predisposti:

Bioactive Molecules in Food

edited  by: Jean-Michel Mérillon; Kishan Gopal Ramawat

  • Provides comprehensive and authoritative information on bioactive molecules in food
  • Offers detailed case studies of functional food, relevant to students, researchers and industrial professionals
  • Summarises analytical methods for bioactive molecules analysis
  • Presents phytochemistry, biotechnology and bioactivity in one place
  • XXXII, 2370; 103 b/w illustrations, 135 illustrations in colour


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Edited by: Hovakim Zakaryan

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Edited by: Francisco Sobrino and Esteban Domingo

“important comprehensive review reference” (JAVMA)

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Edited by: Nikos Vasilakis and Duane J. Gubler

“a thorough and compelling review … an outstanding book … highly recommended” (Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg.); “high standard … extremely timely … a must-have book” (Vaccine); “would suit any audience” (Micro. Today)

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Edited by: Thomas C. Mettenleiter and Francisco Sobrino

“… a thorough, up-to-date review of the molecular biology of a number of key animal viruses …” from Microbiology Today

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Edited by: Paul Hyman and Stephen T. Abedon

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Edited by: Sally Roberts

“an excellent, timely current summary … a must have” (Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics)

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Edited by: William T. Jackson and Carolyn B. Coyne

“frontiers in the study of the 12 species of the genus” (ProtoView); “the current most important enterovirus research” (Biotechnol. Agron. Soc. Environ.); “an asset to anyone interested in the diverse group of viruses” (SIMB News)

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Edited by: Scott C. Weaver, Mark Denison, Marilyn Roossinck and Marco Vignuzzi

“highly informative … a pleasure to read” (Microbiol. Today)

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Edited by: Suresh Mahalingam, Lara Herrero and Belinda Herring

“up-to-date review of the field” (Aus. Vet. J.)

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